After “4 THA CULTURE” and his collaboration with horsegiirL “My Little White Pony” MCR-T released his debut album “MY VOICE MY WEAPON OF CHOICE” in August, 2022.

“MY VOICE MY WEAPON OF CHOICE” weaponises MCR-T’s fierce soul power on the mic. This album being more personal than usual, MCR-T does not shy away from giving his listeners insights to his inner demons and personal battles over the course of making this release. Tracks that all tell deep and personal stories while staying true to their club functional nature.

MCR-T pays homage to Grace Jones’ opening statement on her record “This Is”. Realizing that the liberation of self starts with the paper and pen, the means to an end - therapeutic self expression.

Bold statements backed by even bolder sounding tracks all across the electronic music spectrum to underline not only his versatility on the dancefloor but also in the studio. Different flavors for the deserving multifaceted raver of tomorrow.

Gatefold LP on two red translucent vinyls.

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