LFE017 MRD "Løvehjerte" Album Vinyl


2 x 12-inch (140gr) vinyl with a special etching on the 4th side.


PRE ORDER ITEM - Shipping begins on June 22, 2023

"Live From Earth" is proud to present the highly anticipated album "Løvehjerte" by MRD who has spent two years putting together a collection of 10 songs that showcase his signature sound. This album is a dedication to his journey as a writer and composer, taking influences from new wave, post-punk, techno, and pop music.

Drawing inspiration from his experiences and nature's beauty, MRD has imbued his compositions with a deeper touch, creating a beautiful and introspective album. The title "Løvehjerte" pays homage to the Astrid Lindgren movie "Brødrene Løvehjerte," which tells a heart-warming story about brotherhood and perseverance.
The themes of the songs are centered around experiences of breakups, lost friends, loneliness, new friends, and the constant pursuit of quality in life. MRD's melancholic yet captivating lyrics come from both real-life experiences and fiction, creating an emotional journey for the listener.

The album features collaborations with some talented artists who have contributed their perspective to the artist's sound. "TDJ" on "Memories Of You" was recorded in Canada, Montreal, while "Caiva" adds her beautiful vocals and saxophone solo to "Find My Way." "Narciss" also lends their magical production to "Midsommar," while the artist's good friend Kristoffer Scheie helped record the vocals and co-wrote the lyrics.

This latest work is sure to become a crossover sensation. Bridging the gap between Indie and Techno in a way only MRD can. MRD's album launch will be one of our highlights of this spring.

MRD has dedicated this album to his dog "Daffy“

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