LFEK015 DJ Gigola “In the Mood” EP Vinyl

​​DJ Gigola is a shape shifter and she comes in many forms and colors. Since her debut EP “Tender Trance” with Kev Koko, she has worked in a variety of collaborative efforts blurring boundaries between Techno and Pop music. For her first ever solo EP, DJ Gigola moves away from ethereal vocals to portraying her own signature club sound in an exploration focussed on rhythm and groove structures. Drawing from a multi-facetted palette of musical genres, DJ Gigola’s productions recontextualize references to rave culture into a refreshingly breezy high energy feel. Think crunchy baselines, frivolous melodies and euphoric breakdowns layered with complex percussive structures and catchy vocals. In combining her passion of being a front-row dancer with her experience as a performer, DJ Gigola weaves together a three-track EP that follows a simple thread: get everyone in the mood to dance.

DJ Gigola – In the Mood:
A1 In the Mood
A2 Gigi Groove
B1 Head2Toe

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