LFEK013 Kev Koko, DJ Gigola, Perra Inmunda “No Es Amor” EP Vinyl

After the intriguing collaborative efforts on their debut EP “Tender Trance” and the follow-up EP “Sueño”, DJ Gigola and Kev Koko are back with a 3-track record.
Continuing their hybrid production style, this time, they are joined by rapper Perra Inmunda. Perra’s fast paced flow and staccato rhymes blend seamlessly with Kev Koko’s signature groove. Together with DJ Gigola's airy, ethereal chorus vocals, the result is a playful exploration of modern music that picks up right where the previous EPs left off: blurring lines between techno, pop, and now also, rap. Lyrically, the EP examines three different aspects of love.
Sweaty dances on the floor, kisses lost on the way home and the solitude of being left unanswered; it seems only fitting they chose the title “No Es Amor”.

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