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U.R.A.F. United Ravers Against Fascism - Tape

Limited to 200 copies.
All proceeds of the U.R.A.F. Tape (and Digital) sales will be donated to these no profit associations:
Seebrücke, the Auschwitz Memorial and to the fundraiser of Aboubakar Soumahoro.
Side A: 51:38 Side B 47:32

Featuring: HDMIRROR, Casual Gabberz, Minimal Violence, Machine Woman, Lizzitsky, Know V.A., MCR-T, Falling Apart, Clouds, Kendojubaki, Bauernfeind, Skander, Powell, Gabber Eleganza & The Panacea, u.r.trax, Sense Fracture, DJ Ali, Detachment 1, Krampf, Wolfram & Haddaway - My Love Is For Real (DJ Gigola & RIP Swirl HC Remix), Ilsa Gold, Mechatok (Inlay will be printed in Pantone silver instead of black)

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