LFEK008 Gabber Eleganza, HDMIRROR – The Real Life

Limited to 500 copies! Gabber Eleganza & HDMIRROR presents 'The Real Life', a 4 track 12" EP of monstrous proportions published by Berlin’s Live From Earth Klub Label. LFEK008 is a somewhat inevitable collaboration that hybridises an ultra wide array of sounds across the rave spectrum. Both their practices cast a light on cultural source material by detaching it from its roots in order to make something new. The result is a meta commentary about the nature of euphoria, memory, madness, distorted kick drums and what makes a "dance- floor killer" 'The Real Life' navigates through four stages of the mental meanderings of a symbolic raver, where the navigation itself becomes the subject matter. With samples saying things like 'I can't remember my memories' and 'I've seen it in your soul' one gets the feeling that things have become slightly unhinged along the way. Side A opens with the progressive minimal-maximal stomper 'SEEN IT' that flows forward with free reign. Next is 'MOVE YOUR CAR', an absolute full power ear rush containing an epic kickdrum switch that casts the listener beyond the point of no return. All while a sample of Mark Lecky's 'Dream English Kid' asks the crowd to listen for the license plate number of a car that is parked in the wrong place: ''Move your car, or it's gonna get towed away!'' Memories are here viewed through the twisted lens of the present. On Side B things take a dramatic turn with 'FROZEN DOPAMINA' as euphoric melodies detach themselves from percussion elements and float upwards towards the sky. The mind is left in limbo somewhere between climax and anticlimax. The plot has been lost. The EP closes with the icy post techno banger 'CANT REMEMBER' that reestablishes the progressive flow of the opening track but with everything severely altered. It serves as a signpost pointing in various directions at once. This is The Real Life. Gabber Eleganza, HDMIRROR – The Real Life (LFEK008)
 Release-day 29.05.2020

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