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ascendant vierge - Vierge

LFEK010, limited to 500 copies

Since 2019, Goth-Pop singer Mathilde Fernandez and Casual Gabbers’ Producer Paul Seul have been working together under the alias ascendent vierge. The unique sound they create through their collaboration is a progressive but distinct hybrid between Gabber and Pop featuring Mathilde’s ethereal vocals in French.

Following their debut single release “Influenceur” this year (LFEK009, 07/2020), the Brussels based duo continues their collaboration with Live From Earth Klub on the release of the long awaited EP “Vierge”.
“Vierge” - As is the name of the EP (LFEK010) - contains four A Side and three B Side tracks including “Faire et Refaire” as well as “Influencuer” and expands the themes and elements touched upon on LFEK009 by further pushing the boundaries of Gabber and Pop.

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