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ascendant vierge - Influenceur

LFEK009, limited to 350 copies.

ascendant vierge, the French hard-pop duo formed by singer Mathilde Fernandez and Casual Gabberz producer Paul Seul, will release their first official EP on the Berlin-based label Live From Earth Klub. It will be available in both digital and vinyl format on July 10th.
A-side contains their underground club hit “Influenceur” a track that’s been heard from Bassiani to Possession, as well as the hypnotic emo-hardstyle “Faire Et Refaire” previously released with a video in March.
On the B-side “Influenceur” gets the trance treatment by in-house producers Krampf and Bauernfeind who have created a classic and timeless trance remix.
This collector issue summarizes up the first year of the duo’s existence and announces the release of their debut EP titled “Vierge” that is scheduled for a September release through Live From Earth Klub.

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