Added U.R.A.F.

We print on your stuff.
We want you to send us a worn piece of your wardrobe so we can renew it and send it back to you.

We will revive it by printing our graphic(s) on it. You’ll get it back, better than new.
Here is how: Place your order, and you will receive a DHL shipping label via mail.

Pick one piece from your wardrobe, on which you want the logo to be printed on.

Important: We don’t accept newly bought clothes.

Instead of altering new clothing, we want to reduce waste by refreshing your used one.
The piece hasto be clean, but worn.

Choose a box and put your selected item inside.
Print the shipping label and stick it on the box. Bring the package to a Post office, shipping is already paid.
You can send any type of garment; shirts, pants, bags etc., but we can only print on natural fabrics like cotton (or pieces which have at least a cotton percentage of 70%)
After we receive your package, we will apply a silkscreen print on your garment. You can write suggestions in the note box of the order sheet, but you can’t choose the color, the placement or the number of logos.
This will be a surprise.
You should have your piece back after around 4 weeks.
No refunds possible. If something goes wrong or we mess up your garment, we will refund the order, but won’t pay for the garment itself. Shippings is insured.
No racist, homophobic, sexist, fascist, xenophobic, nationalist content or anything alike on the clothes you send us! No Adidas.
If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us via email [] or just contact us via whatsapp [+49 176 47821623]

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